Electric Bicycle

servicing options


We recommended having your bike serviced every 6 months, with a minimum of once per year. Service prices can be found below. Servicing applies to all electric bike types. Our servicing discounts are available for our existing customers that have purchased an e-bike from us. All prices are plus parts (if required), quotes for parts and fitting are available on request.

We can also service non-electric bicycles.


Bronze Service


Our Customers: £29.95

Purchased elsewhere: £34.95

If your bike hasn't been used for a while it's advised you have a safety checkup before you head out.


Visual Safety Check

Tyre Pressure Adjustment

Safety Report and Recommendations

Silver Service


Our Customers: £59.95

Purchased elsewhere: £69.95

Includes the essentials to keep your bike in good working order. Features a detailed safety check of all components and torquing of primary components.


*Everything in Bronze Service Plus:

Gear Index Adjustment

Drivetrain Lubrication

Wheel & Rim Inspection

Wheel Hub Inspection

Brake Cables Checked & Lubricated

Gear Cables Checked & Lubricated

Headset Visual Check & Torque

Nut & Bolt Torque Adjustment

Motor Inspected & Torqued

Electrical Components Inspected

Gold Service


Our Customers - £89.95

Purchased elsewhere: £99.95

We offer a Premium Service for e-bikes with higher mileage which includes everything you get with our Silver Service plus alignments.


*Everything in Silver Service Plus:

Brake Caliper Alignment

Wheels Trued

Headset Inspection & Adjustment

Callipers Aligned

Contacts Cleaned and Lubricated

Drivetrain Cleaned &  Lubricated

Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Motor Torque

Hubs Inspected

Firmware Update*

Diagnostics Systems Health Report*

Diagnostics Rider Report*

(*Compatible systems: Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Fazua, Mahle)

Platinum Service


Our Customers - £139.95

Purchased elsewhere: £149.95

We offer a Platinum Service which includes a complete strip down and re-grease of all components. 


*Everything in Gold Service Plus:

Headset Cleaned & Greased

Callipers removed, Greased & Aligned

Contacts Cleaned and Lubricated

Drivetrain Removed, Cleaned and Lubricated

Bottom Bracket Removed, Cleaned and Greased

Motor Removed, Inspected and Retorqued

Cable Inners Replaced & Oiled

Hydraulics Brake Fluid Bleed F/R

Hub Inspected, Cleaned & Greased

Full Road Test

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